Crew Cuts Promotes Delaney Porter to Online Finishing Artist

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Crew Cuts, NYC-based post house, has promoted Delaney Porter to an online finishing artist. Delaney (known as Del) is a native New Yorker and was raised in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood in Brooklyn. After graduating from George Washington University, Del moved back to New York and joined the Crew Cuts family as an Office PA. He quickly moved to an assistant editor role and soon thereafter he discovered a passion for compositing, online editing and finishing. “Compositing can feel like solving a puzzle,” he says. “There are multiple solutions to any given problem, and finding the most efficient approach is surprisingly rewarding.”

In 2019, Del is looking forward to working on projects similar to recent work with the New Jersey Lottery. “The NJ Lotto job required a variety of different techniques. By combining cleanup, color, 3D elements, and particle simulations, we turned an outdoor plate, shot in summer, into a winter/holiday scene. This project was particularly fun.”

Check out the spot and a VFX breakdown of the work on Sawt
New Jersey Lottery: Holiday
New Jersey Lottery: Holiday - VFX Breakdown

Del’s hardworking, adventurous attitude goes beyond his role at Crew Cuts. This summer Del will be partaking in “The Great Saunter,” a 12-hour walk around the full perimeter of Manhattan, covering 32-miles of waterfront and more than 20 parks along Manhattan’s shorelines. “It’s fun for me because I grew up in the city and enjoy any opportunity to see parts of NY that I wouldn't normally.” But where Del feels most at home is hanging out with the Crew after work, sharing a beer and playing games. “I work with people who have turned from co-workers into real friends, which makes coming into work a joy. I’m grateful for that because I know it's rare.”

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