FIAT Rolls Out IRL Hater-Inspired Spots Starring Emma Roberts, Directed by Michael Koerbel

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Venice Beach-based production company Rodeo Show director Michael Koerbel steers online FIAT haters off the road in a new campaign starring Emma Roberts. Drawing from actual tweets and comments to FIAT accounts from the social media peanut gallery, these trolling comments are hilariously brought to life by a walking and talking life-size smartphone. The cranky ringer "troll" personifies the source of FIAT ire - wearing a custom giant phone suit made from scratch - who takes a "live tweets" approach, realizing the snide comments about FIATs and their drivers. Armed with snappy comebacks and quick getaways, Roberts takes the hater head-on, responding to ill-informed FIAT stereotypes with a mixture of confidence and nonchalance throughout the ads. The ads are amplified by Roberts' loyal online following, boasting nearly 16 millions followers across Instagram and Twitter,

To view the spots & credits:

"Later, Haters"
"Parking Lot"
"More Power"

Roberts recently returned for Season 8 of the Ryan Murphy cult favorite "American Horror Story," alongside top female powerhouse talent including Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange and Angela Bassett. As a recognized young talent continuing to rise, Roberts has been recognized with wins and nominations from top young Hollywood organizations, including the Teen Choice Awards, Kids Choice Awards, Young Artist Awards and Young Hollywood Awards. Her popularity and digital engagement among the Millennial and Gen Z audiences is a perfect pairing with the creative automotive stylings that position FIAT in front of this highly sought after demographic.

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