Movement Powers Art, Music, Cuisine and Sport in ASICS ‘I MOVE ME’ Campaign

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While sports brands of today continue to push their consumers to be faster, better and stronger than the pro-athletes splashed all over billboards, ASICS continues to celebrate the real people who are using movement in real, empowering ways.

The anthem spot from ASICS’ next chapter of the I MOVE ME campaign in North America, has just launched, directed by Honor Society director Ariel Danziger, out of United Entertainment Group. The campaign was edited by Uppercut editor Paul La Calandra.


The campaign features two-time Grammy-nominated producer/DJ Steve Aoki as well as musician and producer !llmind, ASICS-sponsored track and field sprinter and decorated athlete Queen Harrison, celebrity chef Marc Forgione and renowned mural artist “ELLE street art.”

The campaign builds upon its first iteration to explore the dynamic relationship between a sound mind and a sound body, the founding principal of the ASICS brand.

I MOVE ME first launched in early 2017 as ASICS’ biggest marketing investment in over two decades, seeking to ultimately create a reason to get people moving. The new chapter of the campaign takes a wider look at the real-life ways people are exploring how physical movement is used as a catalyst for creative expression.

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