Solace Can't Solve Human Error in Comedic Spots from Barbarian

Sawt News

Barbarian and Alkemy X director Rob Boocheck team up to show that human missteps can make even successes go splendidly awry in a two-spot campaign for message broker corporation Solace. With a solution meant to bring peace, as its name implies, the brand asks: what could go wrong?

The spots, cut by Gattie and Lopez editor and Partner Chuck Willis, each imagine a rabbit-hole comedy of errors showing that even a victory can lead one down a path of tumult. In “Macrodosing,” a freshly-promoted employee recovering from a night of celebration accidentally swipes her co-worker’s ‘experimental’ cold brew, resulting in a psychedelic caffeine joyride. Meanwhile, in “Mitt,” an excitable coder mansplains his way out of a simple email typo and into a long night of invention to save his ego. Both wacky scenarios start with Solace, position Solace as a dynamic workplace solution--that can’t quite account for the TT of human error.

View the spots Here:

The campaign demystifies the company’s suite of products, which apply proven networking techniques to the technology areas of messaging middleware and content distribution, by combating the complexities with dry, witty humor.