The Bigger Picture Kicks Off 2019 With An Enhanced and Expanded Team

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The Bigger Picture is excited to announce the promotion of Daryl Devlin to Head of Business Development and the addition of national representation via DeVine Reps. The newly expanded team works in close collaboration with EP and company founder Tracy Mays with an integrated approach of creative connectivity and business marketing. The Bigger Picture has also joined OWNED, a global coalition of women owned companies operating in the advertising production industry.

“Everyone on this team is dedicated to uniting the right people to make magic,” comments Mays. “With DeVine, the approach is relevant, fresh, and authentically collaborative – it’s national in scope and global in perspective. They think like we do, reaching beyond traditional roles and approaches to make an imprint and energize those around them.”

“We are excited to work with The Bigger Picture and strong, supportive women who have taken on this industry from all angles,” comments DeVine Lead Wolf / Founder Sara Barnthouse “With The Bigger Picture, clients are presented with the whole package – conceptual, creative approaches in execution style, scope and reach. It’s a great match for DeVine.”

DeVine Reps is a company founded to solve problems from every angle and to connect idea generators with idea executors. DeVine represents companies and their talent from Hollywood A-listers to new voices – working with advertising agencies, brands and organizations to link minds & watch creative brilliance unfold. Under the direction of Founder Barnthouse, DeVine has a presence in LA, NYC, SF and Portland. Each member of the “wolf pack” brings expansive and varied experiences in advertising, entertainment, and tech to DeVine.

Before her promotion, Daryl Devlin was head of sales of The Bigger Picture. She has a multifaceted background in business development and sales, and an expertise in production, including hiring and managing filmmakers and editors, and spearheading the process from concept to post-production. Prior to joining The Bigger Picture, Daryl worked at Bernstein & Andriulli, where she was recruited to build their film/ motion division, working with premier filmmakers, photographers, animators, CGI artists, and illustrators. She was president at MediaLogic, where she represented talent with key accounts and provided consulting services to corporations to maximize their advertising capabilities. She also worked at BBC Technology as Head of Sales in the U.S., and at TIB/Getty Images.

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